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We provide an unparalleled solutions-based and outcomes-generating consulting service specializing in accounting and business services/economics that empowers your company to reach its peak and your customers to feel delighted and loyal.


Accounting is the process of recording and reporting a companys financial transactions, financial performance, and cash flows. There are two types of accounting, both of which we offer.

Financial accounting is the preparation of accurate financial statements, with the main focus on quantifying accurately the performance of a business for external use. This type of accounting also aids internal management with their short- and long-term business decisions.

Managerial accounting provides insights into business operations, and is dependent on information compiled from financial accounting. Reports of business operations serve to guide the management team with quantifiable efficiency in their tactical decision-making process(es).

Services Offered Include



Financial Analysis

Tax Compliance


Business Registration



Our unequivocal strategy is your healthcare business' growth. We have a deep expertise in exploring new business/service delivery models, evaluating new technologies, entering and overcoming barriers to new markets, and capitalizing on new policies. Each of our offerings is guided by data.



Alicia Amlani has over 20+ years' experience in accounting and human resources. Alicia has led finance and operations for a variety of companies, ranging from growth-stage innovators to industry leaders. She specializes in analyzing existing operations and implementing effective systems, strategies, and processes to improve organizational performance and profitability. Alicia is also qualified in financial reporting and budgeting, profit forecasting, annual audit and tax returns, human resources, bank compliance, and insurance reports. Alicia holds a BBA in accounting.

Amyn M. Amlani, PhD, has been in hearing care for 25+ years, with extensive business development experience in the independent and medical audiology practice channels, as an academic and scholar, and in industry. Dr. Amlani is considered a leading national authority in hearing care, with expertise in the areas of: (1) economic and marketing trends, (2) consumer purchasing models, and (3) provider service-delivery models. Dr. Amlani holds a PhD in Audiology/Psychoacoustics with a minor in Marketing, and a certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes Research.




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